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Young Explorers Spring Break Camps

● All camps are for children 5-12 from 8:30-4:00

● Aftercare will be available from 4:00pm to 5:00pm every afternoon for $10/day

● Kindergarteners must have experience in all day classes before attending.

● In person classes will meet all CDC and CYFD guidelines with a limited number of campers per classroom.

● All campers and staff must wear masks and pass a daily COVID 19 screening.

Click on the Topics and Days below to be redirected to the registration links.

Coding with Dogs

March 21 (Monday) 

Learn a simple system for coding games and mazes using dogs as the basis of the designs. Learn how dogs and dog owners are using technology to train, communicate and enhance the work dogs do for us.

Discovering Dogs

March 22 (Tuesday) 

How do dogs see the world?  Can you read what a dog is telling you with its body? Discover modern dogs and the wide world of their unique characteristics. Make dog treats and toys to take home or donate to local dog organizations.

Dinos to Dogs

March 23 (Wednesday) 

Nope, dinosaurs did not have pet dogs. But there were mammals that spent their time in the shadow of the dinosaurs. Who were they and how did we get to dogs? Explore New Mexican dinosaurs and mammals of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. 

Wolves, Dire Wolves, and Dogs

March 24 (Thursday) 

Caniform (dog-like) animals show up after large dinosaurs died off. We will meet many dog–like animals through Dire wolves and modern wolves. Compare the behaviors, lifestyles and bodies of dogs and wolves.

Dogs in Space

March 25 (Friday) 

Are there alien dogs? Is the cartoon Dogs in Space accurate? Can you find the constellation Canis Major in the night sky? This camp will visit the Planetarium to learn more about the dog/space intersection.  

● Price per camp: Full Time $75.00 (Members: $65.00)

● Register for the entire week here

● The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science reserves the right to cancel camps that do not reach a minimum of six participants. A full refund will be given if a camp is cancelled for this reason.

For more information about camps and financial support, contact Sioux Rivera, (505)-258- 8641.


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