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June 10 Solar Eclipse

Find out more about Thursday's annular solar from this article:
You'll see that New Mexico is nowhere near being able to observe it in the sky, but it can be watched on several webcasts at these links:

NASA TV (Starts @ 3 a.m. MDT) -
Time & Date -
Virtual Telescope -…/10-june-2021-annular-sola…
Royal Observatory, Greenwich -…/o…/solar-eclipse-2021-uk-live-stream

Check out the links now to see the time of their broadcasts. Even though it's a solar eclipse, most of the videos start very early in the morning when it's still dark in New Mexico. Some will have informative commentary while others may just have music or no audio. Weather at the locations of the telescopes will also affect the programs.

Although we won't be able to see this week's eclipse in person from NM, we will be able to see one just like it in two years, and Albuquerque, along with some other locations along a relatively narrow track across the southwest, will be in the perfect places. This annular eclipse will be on October 14, 2023, which should also be the final Saturday of Balloon Fiesta that year! Get a preview here:…

Dr. Crumpler Joins Perseverance Mission

Those who follow the museum's programs know that Larry Crumpler was part of the Mars Opportunity rover mission and previewed discoveries from the Red Planet for visitors to our museum and website for almost 15 years. We have exciting news: Dr. Crumpler has just been selected as a scientist for the Mars Perseverance mission! After the new rover lands in February, 2021, you can expect to continue enjoying exclusive access to new discoveries! Read more by clicking here.

The Future of Science Museums

On September 25, the museum hosted a virtual summit on the future of natural history institutions as part of the museum's strategic planning process. Administrators from prominent institutions around the country made comments about their facility’s response to the pandemic and how that will influence programming from now on. Read some significant quotes in the information release linked here and watch the entire presentation.

Upcoming Events

June 15, 2021 - 10:00am

Join Dr. Misty Carty for a story and an activity. This month, we explore some home chemistry as we read about and then make slime! You won't want to miss this Science Story Time.