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October 4, 2018

(Albuquerque, NM) –  Don’t let the kids have all the fun this Halloween. The New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science celebrates the spooky season with a costume dance party for adults and a special showing of “Beetlejuice” on in the Dynatheater on the 30th anniversary of the film’s release.

Plan your costume and get set for a Costume Dance party for Adults  Friday, Oct. 26 from 6 p.m. – 11 p.m. Doors open at 5:45 p.m. This is an Adults only 21+ event, featuring a costume contest, spooky planetarium show, DJ and dancing in the atrium.

The cash bar will be provided by Left Turn Distilling, and there will be food truck delights available for purchase. (No ATM on-site.)  Tickets are available online at constant contact for

$25 regular tickets, $20 museum members/students get your tickets here .... Read More...

October 3, 2018

(Albuquerque, New Mexico) --- The photos are in, the judging is complete, and the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science is announcing the winners of this year’s Naturescapes photo competition. This year, the theme was CLOUDS and photographers explored the entire state to find clouds everywhereed 142 entries. Of those, the competition judges were able to select 30 photos that show clouds in many different forms and interpretations.

Prizes will be awarded on Saturday, October 20th, 10 a.m. – 11 a.m, during the exhibit opening and members preview.

The winning 2018 NatureScapes photographs will be displayed from October 20th, 2018 through January 27th, 2019. 

These are this year’s winners:

  • First Place: Aguirre Spring (Tim Funk)
  • Second Place: Hideaway (Max Woltman)
  • Honorable Mention: Watching the Moon Rise (Paul Zeigler)

Student Winners:     ...

October 2, 2018

A world-class repository for fossils, the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science’s latest exhibition Back to Bones: New Mexico’s Links to the Past featuring rarely seen specimens from the permanent collection is on display to greet the 78th annual meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology in Albuquerque Oct. 17-20, 2018.

The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP) is an international organization of scientists and other people interested in the study of fossils of animals with backbones (see... Read More...

September 26, 2018

(Albuquerque, New Mexico) – Almost 800 people learned the latest information about Pluto and the New Horizon mission during PlutoPalooza hosted by the museum Sept. 21 & 22. The scientists and engineers from NASA have left, but the informational handouts, hands-on activities, and videos they brought will be used once more for the $5 First Friday event October 5, 5:30 – 9 p.m.

The whole museum is open late on the first Friday evening of each month. Starting at 5:30 p.m., admission to the museum’s permanent exhibits is $5 per person, a $3 savings off the usual adult price.

NASA Solar System ambassador John Brandt will have a table display where he can answer questions about the dwarf planet and its comparatively large moon Charon. There will also be several fun and educational hands-on activities and videos to enjoy.  More information about the New Horizons probe can be found here: ... Read More...

September 25, 2018

(Albuquerque, New Mexico ) – The New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science is joining forces once again with the Rotary Club of Albuquerque hosting the third annual Literacy Event from Noon to 3 p.m. on Sunday, November 4. As the first Sunday in November, admission is free to New Mexico residents.

Visitors of all ages will enjoy hand-on literacy-based activities which include story times, puppet shows, science related arts & crafts opportunities, a family science workshop, community organizations – including Explora! & Public Library, and complimentary books for children.

“This is an exciting opportunity to support and promote literacy in our community and continues our wonderful relationship with the Rotary Club of Albuquerque,” said Margie Marino, Director the the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science (NMMNHS). “Together with our Rotary Club partners, we welcome public donations of new or gently used books... Read More...

September 19, 2018

(Albuquerque, New Mexico) – Fundraising efforts are underway to bring New Mexico’s Bisti Beast home in a new life-size electrifying form. The New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science (NMMNHS) is raising funds to purchase a robotic, animated Bisti Beast to be a key attraction at the museum. The tale of this animatronic dinosaur stretches from Albuquerque to Japan and back.

An early relative of Tyrannosaurus rex, the Bisti Beast fossil was discovered in 1997, and excavated in 1998 from the Bisti/De-na-zin Wilderness in the Four Corners of New Mexico by NMMNHS paleontologist Dr. Thomas Williamson, Ph.D. In 2010, Dr. Williamson wrote a paper with Thomas Carr which described this amazing find and named the Bisti Beast (Bistahieversor). This research caught the attention of researchers at the Fukui Prefectory Museum in Fukui Japan.

Japanese representatives were eager to acquire some of the fossils for a temporary exhibition that was... Read More...

August 27, 2018

(Albuquerque, New Mexico) – Mark your calendar for a night of drinking and dancing with the dinosaurs at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science Saturday, September 8, from 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.

“Last year’s dance at the museum was a big hit so we decided to do it again!” said Margie Marino, Director of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science (NMMNHS). “This is your chance to come dance the night away with Stan, our T-Rex.”

The night will feature a large dance area where no partner is needed to boogie to a music mix from DJ Frank that includes Swing, Country, Latin and Ballroom.

Work up an appetite and try the food truck offerings of Black Iron Catering Co.

This is a 21+ event, ID is required. It features a cash bar with craft beers and specialty cocktails from Left Turn Distilling. Cash bar and food truck (no ATM on site.)  

Tickets are $10 per person. Advance...

August 20, 2018

(Albuquerque, New Mexico) -- The alarming escalation in opioid, methamphetamine, and illegal drug deaths in New Mexico and throughout the United States has reached epidemic proportions. As an engaged public institution and community partner, the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science will host two timely exhibitions in early 2019, Drugs: Costs and Consequences; and, Brain: The Inside Story. Entrance to both exhibitions will be included in the museum admission cost.

“Each of these two exhibits presents phenomenal learning opportunities. Brain: The Inside Story invites visitors to understand how the brain functions and even participate in science-based experiences, while Drugs: Costs and Consequences explores global drug issues that trickle down to the smallest communities,” said Margie Marino, director of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science. “Our objective is to help... Read More...

August 16, 2018

(Albuquerque, New Mexico) --   Rarely seen fossil specimens from the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science’s permanent collection will be on display for public viewing starting in late September, as the museum readies to host the 78th annual meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP) convention meeting in Albuquerque Oct. 17-20, 2018.

The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP) is an international organization of scientists and other people interested in the study of fossils of animals with backbones (see There are approximately 2,300 members. The society’s annual meeting is held in the autumn, usually at a major city that has, or is near, a natural history museum. The last time SVP last held the meeting in Albuquerque was 1993 (25 years ago).

The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science (NMMNHS) is co-hosting the meeting with the University of New... Read More...

August 16, 2018

(Albuquerque, New Mexico) – ​Lost on Rio Grande Boulevard in Albuquerque in the late summer of 2013, Snaplet the snapping turtle is thriving in her newly upgraded habitat inside a large aquarium in the Naturalist Center at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science.

When found on the road north of the Museum by a volunteer biking to work, Snaplet was a tiny hatchling with a 1.5” shell who may have been trying to find her way to the river. Snaplet’s story is a unique because the Museum does not advocate, endorse or otherwise encourage removal of wildlife, nor does the Museum accept live animals for donation.

She looked like a walking clump of mud,” commented Naomy Riley, a long time Museum volunteer. Snaplet’s tiny sizeand muddy condition prompted an unprecedented exception to two of the Museum’s long-time and ongoing policies which do not advocate, endorse or otherwise condone removal of... Read More...

August 13, 2018

(Albuquerque, New Mexico) – Following enormous popularity and public support for the Da Vinci—The Genius exhibition, held-over at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science (NMMNHS) through Wednesday, August 29, the Museum will offer four pay-what-you-can days to exhibits and planetarium shows Thursday through Sunday, August 30, 31, September 1 and 2 - which is the normal free Sunday for New Mexico residents. The DynaTheater will also be offering special discounted admission.

“We have all been immensely gratified to be able to bring the genius of da Vinci to so many New Mexicans during this exhibition – it’s the most people we’ve had in the museum since it opened 30 years ago,” said Margie Marino, Director of the NMMNHS. “Da Vinci closes at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, August 29, and immediately we begin packing it up and shipping it on to the next stop. The museum will be rather noisy and... Read More...

July 23, 2018

(Albuquerque, New Mexico) -- On July 14, 2015, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto and its moons at 31,000 miles per hour. That day some 1.7 billion mentions of New Horizons sped across the internet and social media, evidence of worldwide interest in this first mission to the last planet of the classical solar system. Now, the epic voyage of exploration continues with a planned New Year’s 2019 flyby of a mysterious and still more distant Kuiper Belt Object nicknamed Ultima Thule.

On Sept. 21- 22, at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, students, teachers and members of the public have the opportunity to hear directly from key members of the New Horizons team in fast-paced multimedia presentations featuring the stunning images and science gathered during the Pluto flyby. HD video illuminates key mission milestones, including a preview of New Horizons’ next encounter – a flight past Ultima... Read More...

July 20, 2018

(Albuquerque, New Mexico) – Asking, “Would Leonardo make a good Astrobiologist?”, eminent scientist and nationally recognized director of NASA’s National Astrobiology Institute, Penelope J. Boston, Ph.D. is the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science next guest lecturer in the Da Vinci –the Genius series. The popular world class exhibition Da Vinci—The Genius has been extended through August 29. Dr. Boston will speak Friday, August 24, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Museum Dynatheater.

Leonardo da Vinci was a polymath across the arts, sciences, and engineering.  If he lived today, how would he relate to the highly interdisciplinary field of Astrobiology?  Would he be one of our greatest astrobiologists ever?  How can today’s astrobiologists and interested citizens be "Leonardo-like" as we contemplate the question of whether there... Read More...

July 16, 2018

(Albuquerque, New Mexico) – In the coming weeks, the planet Mars will be closer to the Earth than it will be again for decades. For its First Friday evening event August 3, the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science (NMMNHS) will offer information about the Red Planet and a possibility to see it through telescopes. With the extension of Da Vinci — The Genius through Aug. 29, this will also be the final First Friday offering reduced admission prices before the exhibition ends.

On Aug. 3 from 5:30 – 9 p.m., admission to Da Vinci — The Genius is discounted by $5, making the final admission charge: Adults $17, Seniors $15 & Children $10. Admission to the museum’s permanent exhibits (excluding Da Vinci — The Genius), is $5 per person, a $3... Read More...

July 5, 2018

(Albuquerque, New Mexico) – ​The New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science is pleased to announce that the Da Vinci—The Genius exhibition is being extended an extra month through August 29, 2018 due to popular demand.

More than 70,000 people have been through Da Vinci—The Genius since it opened Feb. 10. That includes more than 200 separate groups from New Mexico public and private schools reaching nearly 20,000 students.

“During da Vinci, 5,000 more students have come through the museum than during the same time period last year,” said Margie Marino, director of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science. “And we obviously expect admission numbers will continue at higher levels through the end of the exhibition.”

As part of the Da Vinci, The Genius ongoing program, the Museum will host acclaimed author Michael J. Gelb, How to... Read More...

June 27, 2018

Audiences at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science (NMMNHS) Planetarium will discover how asteroids and comets have collided with our planet, changing the course of life on Earth and shaping today’s world, in the California Academy of Sciences’ latest original planetarium show, Incoming!

From the comfort of a planetarium seat, viewers will embark on a dynamic journey on the trail of asteroids and comets, get an up close look at the advanced technologies that allow scientists to detect asteroids before they reach Earth, and visualize historic space events billions of years in the making—all within an immersive, all-­digital dome that brings the captivating story of our cosmic origins to life.

Narrated by George Takei, Incoming! explores the past, present, and future of our Solar System and the landmark discoveries scientists have made by sending spacecraft to visit tiny worlds.... Read More...

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October 29, 2013


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